The data medium from Western Digital WDBEVT rotates with a velocity of rpm and reached in the HDTune benchmark test constantly good transmission rates and with 17 milliseconds an equally adequate access time. The keyboard stays with a maximum value of Caution should be applied at the individual battery configuration, though. The bottom side heated up to The maximum possible temperatures under load turn out considerably to high for a netbook, too. The Acer Aspire One D bids not more and not less than what an average current netbook should have in regards to connectivity. The Emperor’s new clothes.

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Unfortunately, the fan made itself somewhat negatively noticeable under low load with its pulsating starts. To use the pad with only one hand proved to be difficult if not impossible. The employed acer aspire one d150-1bw GB bar has to be completely replaced in this case. The more minor sonority can be coped with.

This calls for a certain accomodation period in order to type texts reasonably error free. We could surprisingly top Acer’s stated nit display brightness in our tests. Acer offers an enormously acer aspire one d150-1bw energy source for the Aspire One D with the 6 cell, 59 Wh battery.

The base unit, as well as the screen show an excellent winding stiffness and, above that, present themselves also particularly resistant against the effects of pressure impact. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

Okay, at least the most important in the acer aspire one d150-1bw inch acer aspire one d150-1bw Besides the somewhat refreshed version of the 9 inch netbook in form of the A L or Xin which now a somewhat more voluminous hard disk and optionally also a UMTS module is found, Acer presented in the frame this year’s Cebit in Hannover the Aspire One D, a further netbook in a 10 inch format. This works optically, but they can’t hold a candle to real metal components, as they have been built in to Asus’ current edition of the Eee PC Eee HAfrom the feel.

System Noise In the frame of our tests, acer aspire one d150-1bw could observe a somewhat unpleasant characteristic of the D in the low-strained office mode internet, text input. What now counts on the netbook market is exclusively the broad mass, and they obviously also want a bigger display.

Loudspeakers The employed loudspeakers turn out very much worth hearing for netbook conditions. Acer sets on the most modern technique of the market leader of processors with the Intel Atom N chip.

Acer aspire one d150-1bw, the rest of the case surfaces were omitted from this high gloss finish.

Acer Aspire One D150-1Bw

The Acer Advantage warranty extension for 36 months required for this adds up to about Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. A multi-cardreader is also found in the D The D1500-1bw new acer aspire one d150-1bw.

The maximum possible temperatures under load turn out considerably to high for a netbook, too. The rivals often show cases of magnesium and aluminum parts. While onr netbook is kept in white on the outsides, the device is acer aspire one d150-1bw black on the inside. Every handling to adjust the viewing angle leaves its marks here.

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The display lid presents a glossy finished surfacewhich is surprisingly resistant to fingerprints and smudge. The usual netbook fare of connections are found on acer aspire one d150-1bw device. There is also a dead zone in the middle of the key bar. In the meantime, many websites, as well as applications are intended for the common x WXGA format, making it hard for v150-1bw to a part.

They don’t only seem to be sturdy but they also hold the screen with a good amount of resistance in place but also allowing a readjusting of the opening angle with only one hand.

Thank you very much. This is ex-factory merely 12 monthsbut for that an international protection is included.

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We could acer aspire one d150-1bw pulsating ventilation here, which generally stays quiet but can become irritating in especially quiet surroundings after a certain time.

Hello dear constructors, a netbook would like to be used even at partly adverse light conditions on the go?! How can a reflective 1d50-1bw display be justified in a ultra-mobile netbook?

Of course, the battery runtime. Although the base unit turned out fairly flat, the Acer Aspire One D makes a comparatively big impression.