I told him I wanted to see the box and check out the specs. Most of the 24″ LCDs on the market include several other input options, making them better for anyone that wants a multifunction display. Office and Windows Use. Images and everything else look great. There are paid and free utilities that can be used and both will work equally if you just need to correct the color profile for passable accuracy. But the product seems to work overall.

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I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the differences between Acers 22″ monitors. Obviously there is a technology difference to consider here, but for many average users, the larger screen size and lower price are more attractive. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to monitors – except PPI that is.

The 22 inch wide screen is taller than my old 19 inch CRT. Being set at a default colour profile of “warm” in the OSD, the colours did feel nice, vibrant and even; with no obvious tendency towards any particular colour. Mako Driver Kit – 64 Precision Bits.

I’ve learned that having multiple monitors increases my productivity. Despite the screen having quite good viewing angles for a TN Film panel, the use of this technology can still let the screen down if you don’t take care to line your view up. Log in Don’t have an account? There are the usual options for brightness, contrast and interface. In standby mode it glows stronger strangely! Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

As I experienced with the Viewsonic VXWM recently, the 22″ diagonal size seemed to offer a comfortable and sensible size screen by modern standards.

Acer 2216W LCD Monitor

It is merely intended as a comparative way of showing the responsiveness of a display using the same test bed for each screen. On the ALW, this wasn’t really an issue at all, and this goes to show that despite the low price tag, Acer have not spared on production values. Since most users won’t have access to hardware colorimeter tools, it is important to understand how the screen is going to perform in terms of colour accuracy for the average user.

So the choice for me was 22 inch wide screen.

Al22216w this monitor seems a little darker when both settings are set the same. I think you get my drift. Only select this option if you are picky about the color accuracy. Having said that, a large number of people are more than happy with TN panels, so the use of a TN panel does not necessarily make this a bad LCD and it does help to keep costs down.

They brought the box out and it told me little. Create a Guide I Have This.

Acer ALw 22″ widescreen |

Click for larger image. All of Acer’s LCDs come with a standard three-year limited warranty, which is pretty good.

With the market dominated pretty much exclusively by TN Film based panels, prices of these models are very competitive, ader the accer diagonal is quickly becoming a popular choice for the new buyer. Being 5ms rated, the screen will be more than adequate for most users, but those who are more serious about gaming may want to consider some of the other models available in the market that use more RTC technology to boost grey to grey transitions.

With a decent price tag to boot, is this SyncMaster the best 22″ widescreen around? The actual thickness of the display is very thin and so the screen would be ideal for wall mounting.

The Acer display uses a TN panel, which is generally considered to be al2261w low end of the totem pole caer terms of overall quality. Written by Benny Har-Even. Nevertheless, despite being a no-frills offering, the ALW was a quite attractive display, certainly not looking out of place in an office space.

Phone support hours are Monday through Saturday, 8 a. However, dark scenes can become a bit of a problem where viewing angles are concerned, since vertical changes in contrast can make the scenes very difficult to see.

I went to a different Office Depot location to look at he AL W in person and found they did not have one on the shelf. This can be seen on many LCD screens however, and is inherent to the way they are produced and how CCFL backlight tubes are positioned. aver

On a Mac, this can be done with the Apple Calibration utility.