Jun 16, Posts: Yeah it is cheaper but cant find anywhere online where its sold for cheap and new. Flight-sim players or creative macro-programmers may also like an extra mouse wheel to work with. Ii never bought a N52te due to the bad feedback people gave it. Gamers can now also take advantage of the new onboard chipset and software driver that puts aside all previous programming limitations, as the new Razer Nostromo enables gamers to effortlessly program sophisticated macros of unlimited length. So im curious, are they both the same functionality wise?

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Flight-sim players or creative macro-programmers may also like an extra mouse wheel to work with. Differences are that the Razer has belkin razer n52te much nicer key action reason I bought it as the Belkin was sticking ; less lag on the 8-way toggle; adjustable well two settings anyway!

Great Value, Belkin razer n52te Performance. So for now the nostromo is on hold,hoping i find the belkin online.

Intel Z Motherboard Belkin razer n52te Building on the Speedpad’s proven ergonomic design, the Razer Nostromo incorporates the latest gaming technologies that Razer has developed over the past few years, including a new chipset and software drivers that allow all levels of gamers to program sophisticated command strings to help decimate n52re opponents.

Anyone know if the razer would be a worthwhile upgrade for better key response and feel? Relax, no one is attacking you personally.

Razer Nostromo gaming keypad supplants Belkin’s n52te Speedpad, does it proud

That’s belkim, as the n52te is otherwise exceedingly comfortable, useful, and very cool looking. With an arsenal of tournament-grade controls including 16 fully programmable Hyperesponse keys, eight keymaps that can be switched between on-the-fly, twenty unique gaming profiles, and belkin razer n52te eight-way directional thumb pad all integrated into one dedicated gaming keyboard, belkin razer n52te will be prepared to take belkin razer n52te any challenger.

Darth Tatertots Member Posts: Nov 22, at 6: I guess I’ll make a purchase towards the nelkin version then. Rearranging the keys in this manner was quite simple, as the Razer-designed drivers and macro software for the n52te are rather easy to use.

Razer Nostromo vs Belkin N52TE?

I understand the Nostromo has some belkin razer n52te in the software compared to the Belkin but I’m not bothered about that. Well knowing they cancelled onboard memory will now keep my search for the n52te alive!!!

GamingRazerperipheralskeypad. Log in or Sign up. Intel Optane Memory Update: I would swap my nostromo for the n52te in a heartbeat.

The resistance and depth of the n52te’s button does not allow this move to work, which is rather bothersome. Jun 16, Posts: Co-developed with Belkin, the keypad is an update to the highly successful Belkin n52te Speedpad. Dell Latitude 2-In-1 Review: Nov 23, at 2: I have the Razer and the N52 both belkin razer n52te my desk as we speak but only the Razer is belkin razer n52te in!

About the Razer Nostromo The Razer Nostromo gaming keypad is designed to give gamers the upper hand with cutting edge ergonomics for intuitive game control and comfort.

The Belkin razer n52te Nostromo features a new raxer and software drivers that enable gamers to program sophisticated macros of unlimited length. I have a N52TE but I was wondering if the Nostromo has a nicer key action, especially for the spacebar.

Belkin n52te Review – IGN

Show full PR text. Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Aug 19, Posts: XIM4 Anti Aim-assist curve: Nov 23, at 1: Yeah that doesnt make much sense. We really wish the plasto-rubber of the palm area had been applied to the joystick head belkin razer n52te well, as this would have offered much better grip.

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