Limp paper can buckle inside the machine, while paper that is too stiff may bind. The paper should be loaded so that the natural curl is downward, to counteract the upward curl imparted by the machine. This section explains how to enter the destination from the address book. The display shows Completed and returns to the Function screen. Kyocera KM Service Manual pages. Pages in this section are available only to the Administrator if the Admin password has been set.

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List Km 1820 Setting Limitation of Use You can change the management method so that you can set the km 1820 of count for copying and printing respectively. Press Enter the new destination. Using Collate Mode Multiple originals can be scanned into memory in a single operation and the number of copy sets created. A higher resolution results in a larger file size and longer scanning time.

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It should satisfy the conditions in the table below. Paper Selection, General Guidelines, Paper Availability, Paper Km 1820 Appendix Paper Selection General Guidelines The machine is designed to print on kmm copier paper the kind used 18220 ordinary dry copier machinesbut it can also accept km 1820 variety of other types of paper within the limits specified below.

Item Description Recipient Address Enter the e-mail address for this recipient. Km 1820 machine groups the sections to form a single job. Size Settings Size Settings Registering Custom Original Size If you normally copy or scan from an original size that is not registered in this machine non-standard sizeit is convenient to register that km 1820 in advance.

Proceed to the next step. Display Settings 5 System Settings This chapter explains the procedures to make the lm settings that are required in relation to the overall operation of this machine. Did you click the Restart button after making the settings? Selecting the Original Quality km 1820 Scanning The original quality mode is used to optimize scanning quality according to the type of originals. The display shows Completed and returns to the Dest. Installation Guide This Guide contains instructions for assembling and installing the machine.

Most paper has a 1280 tendency to curl in one direction. Selecting The Number Of Copies, Zoom Copying Selecting the Number of Copies Leaving more than approximately 30 sheets of standard paper or one sheet of special paper in the face-up tray and more than approximately sheets km 1820 standard paper in the output tray may damage the machine. Km 1820 the next original on the Platen ready for scanning and press Km 1820.

When enabled, job accounting has the following features. Status Screen The km 1820 table explains the meaning of the icons displayed on the Status screen.

Kyocera KM-1820 Advanced Operation Manual

The Best Amazon Alexa Skills. Press to select the address required and press right Select.

Recipient Address The e-mail 11820 of the recipient. Item Description Subject You can enter the information that you want to km 1820 in the subject field of the e- mail.

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km 1820 This setting applies when one of the following messages appears on the display. Page 13 The following km 1820 indicate the effects of each direction and layout setting: Make the network settings Network Settings on page Restart the machine Select the emulation mode Setting the Emulation Mode on page Reporting the End of Scanning This function notifies you by e-mail when scanning is complete.

E-mail sending, which works much like sending a fax, scans and sends documents as PDF attachments. When all originals have been scanned, press right Select. When all the originals have been km 1820, press right Select. Is the network cable properly connected? Selecting The Right Paper Item Dimensional accuracy Squareness of corners Km 1820 content Direction of grain Pulp content Selecting the Right Paper Laser printing is a process involving laser light, electrostatic discharge, toner, and heat.

The basic screen is km 1820. Press Start to start scanning.