I have used other MIDI keyboards, and while this won’t amaze anyone, certainly gets the job done and looks good doing it. Not only that, but the unit is powered by the USB as well, so this cuts down greatly on the amount of cables needed. I have been using this MIDI controller for about 3 months. This one could not be more simple. Great for use with a laptop.

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M-Audio KeyRig 49 Keyboard 14 product ratings 4. Great for use with a laptop.

It has a volume slider which can be used to change your output velocity. To pitch bend little regret because it is difficult to use because of its shape but not very comfortable to strength and we get out of the modulation is not bad, nothing more.

Keyig not a piano player at all also prefer heavier keys, but these ones will do the job just fine.

Construction is pretty good, but feels like it would get 449 if you drop it from a not so short height. I was hesitant to buy it since I was afraid it was too cheaply made to hold up to regular use, but it has done well. Very affordable unit that does a great job.

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What I like about this product: Trying to use the touch sensitive option wont work though because the keys arent weighted so its point this to try to get tension and release with the keys. Can not run the software that comes with: I came across the M Audio Key Rig 49 because, I was keyrrig for a larger controller to use with Reason, and came across this one for a great price.

See details m-auddio description of any imperfections. In addition, it has a mod wheel, which can also provide for more dynamic performances.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Log in Become a member. It has one slider, octave buttons.

You may also like. The Keyrig probably has another couple nice things hidden in the manual, but seriously, I’ve never really bothered reading it past the channel select thing, never felt the need to.

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The KeyRig does that without the extra clutter and price of a lot of knobs and pads. If you buy this item, there may be a delay with your order. Show More Show Less. It has four octaves of velocity sensitive keys but no aftertouch! I am very happy with my choice, I hesitated with the model a bit bigger, but in fact one and perfect for my office! I use it for about a month and I’m very happy!

Write a user review. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. But that’s not all: Before buying it I was torn between taking a simple model like this one or go on something more sophisticated Oxigen, Behringer I finally took without much thought, to prevent regrets given the price, and The gamble paid off as much satisfies me.

So unless you’re trying to play something with a really big note range, it isn’t a problem. You basically just plug-n-play.

What I do not like about the product: This is fine, considering the common application of just laying down simple synth lines.

The volume fader is, it does its job, on the other hand the “Edit Mode”, I do not know what it is and my software can not use it for the reconnaire, so too bad, anyway I ‘m doing very well without! Once I hit a key on the keyboard, sometimes keyrkg takes nearly two seconds for a snyth’ed sound to come out of my speakers. D1 for channel 1, E1 ch2, F1 ch3 and etc.