You can zoom in and out optically while recording, a major bonus. Canon EOS 80D Start-up time is almost instant, with the camera ready to go in less than half a second. There’s something to be said for a potent telephoto you can easily carry around. CNET may get a commission from these offers. The results were good shooting a wide view of a fake palm tree on the beach and then zooming in to a person on the pier I could barely see.

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Details are quite fuzzy at both ISO 1, and 3, Cycle time is also quite good, capturing a frame every 1. Subject Tracking lets you designate a key subject such as a child and the focus area moves along with that person or thing when you keep it in the nikon coolpix s8100 screen.

Nikon COOLPIX S MP Digital Camera – Red | eBay

The left side is plain other than a 4-pinhole speaker. Before getting into bikon results, let me report the Nikon S does nikon coolpix s8100 trick as a point-and-shoot. The 3-inch wide, ,dot, high-resolution LCD monitor clearly displays pictures, videos, and menu options. ISO prints look surprisingly good at 16×20 inches, with good color and detail.

Nikon Coolpix S8100

New for this model is a handy Shooting Mode dial with 8 options, which means that you no longer have to use the main menu nikkn to change mode, and it has a positive action to prevent unwanted movement. Below this is the Playback key and classic four-way controller with center OK button, which also nlkon nikon coolpix s8100 a mechanical scroll dial.

Speaking of the battery, Nikon does not supply a dedicated charger. The microphone on top of the camera allows you to capture audio recordings with stereo sound while nikon coolpix s8100 are filming a video.

Connected to a computer or printer with USB 2. H gives you nikon coolpix s8100 frames per second, L is 26 frames at 1. Within the Nikon S’s 1.

In Macro mode, the Nikon S can focus to just 0. That’s very good for a long-zoom camera.

S vs SX HS. I also took some macro images of flowers and a candle nikon coolpix s8100 and my real-world results were quite good. If the scene doesn’t match any of those, it defaults to a general-use Auto. Here the Nikon S guesses the scene in front of it makes the appropriate adjustments; it chooses among seven options and does a good nikon coolpix s8100 of guessing correctly.

Exposure is consistently good, too, and if you need some help, Nikon’s D-Lighting feature can be used in Playback mode. Hue is a little off for colors like red, some pinks and cyan.

In the Sport Continuous shooting mode the S can capture an impressive frames per second, but sadly only at 1 megapixel resolution. The lens is fairly sharp in the center, but there is noticeable softness at the sides and in the corners when photos are viewed at their full resolution. Lightweight, full of features, nice all around point and shoot camera.

The navigation wheel is a nice touch that nikon coolpix s8100 be used to scroll nikon coolpix s8100 menu settings and pictures, but doesn’t really serve any other purpose.

Nikon COOLPIX S8100 12.1MP Digital Camera – Red

That’s certainly helped by the S’s lightening fast reflexes. Thankfully leaving the anti-shake system on didn’t reduce the battery-life too much, with the camera managing just over a rather nikon coolpix s8100 shots nikon coolpix s8100 d8100 hour and 20 minutes of Full HD video using the supplied Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The Nikon Coolpix S’s Macro mode captures good detail at the center of the frame, though both blurring and strong chromatic aberration encroach far into the image area a common limitation among consumer digital cameras in Macro mode. This is clearly a point-and-shoot, but even though it doesn’t coolix the tweakability nikon coolpix s8100 desire, it does have some different options on the Mode dial.

The 10x zoom lens provides a nijon focal range of mm, impressive given the overall size of the camera, and is just wide enough for landscapes and with more than enough reach for candid portraits.

Nikon Coolpix S review: Nikon Coolpix S – CNET

I’m not saying you nikon coolpix s8100 buy this digicam just for this option, but the results are terrific with accurate exposures in oddly-lit situations. While recording, save a still image at any time by pressing the nukon button. When I began my photo safari in Coney Island, great scenes immediately presented themselves.

For the same cookpix as its predecessor you get a lot more camera, better photos, and burst shooting capable of up to 10 frames per second, among other performance nikon coolpix s8100. One of the great things about this camera is the simple fact you can easily tote it around without the bulk of a full-blown DSLR rig.