If your computer supports Bluetooth and you’d rather connect by Bluetooth than by USB cable, you can skip the second driver. More generally, lines were crisp, with sharp edges. Planon says that the paper resists fading better than thermal paper traditionally does, with the image rated for 7 years under normal conditions. View All 4 Photos in Gallery. To say that we rarely review thermal printers is an understatement.

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Conclusion For planon printstik business users, a mobile printer can boost productivity. Cons Thermal printing technology uses special, expensive paper. Whereas a regular inkjet printer ejects droplets of planon printstik on the paper, the Printstik PS moves heat-sensitive paper directly underneath a stationary print-head. The PrintStik is rechargeable and does not use ink or toner, which both are expensive and potentially messy when travelling.

Laptops Teclast F7 hands-on: We incorporated thermal technology, which for this purpose is ideal allowing for trouble-free planon printstik monochrome printing on our 7 year rated paper. The trend to mobile solutions is growing with laptops getting smaller and cell phones turning into computers. Similarly, you can plug in the AC adaptor or USB cable to charge the battery while printing over a Bluetooth connection, or you can depend on the battery only when printing via Bluetooth.

The Planon printstik PS is a thermal printer, which means you don’t have to worry about ink refills. The printer’s power use is a little convoluted. In addition, to print over a USB connection, you have to run a second. PrintStik is self-contained, planon printstik connects to your laptop planon printstik smartphone through USB or Bluetooth selected models.

More generally, lines were crisp, with sharp edges. If wireless printing isn’t required, the Printstik also has a regular USB 2.

PlanOn PrintStik PS910

Thermal printing technology uses special, expensive paper. Collaboration Meeting Owl review: According to Planon, the planon printstik can print about 30 pages on a full charge, assuming it’s not connected and recharging at the same time, planon printstik it takes about 2 hours to recharge.

The paper rolls, which print only about 20 sheets each, come mounted in cassettes. Check back for more supported products in the planon printstik.

To install on your Blackberry up to OS ver.

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No Longer Available Update Location planin. It actually uses the battery to print, and the battery can planon printstik down far enough to shut down the printer.

Speed is not one of the printer’s strong points. Small, full-page portable Bluetooth planon printstik with 20 sheets of self-contained paper.

Prints from planon printstik BlackBerry models. If you planon printstik rolls of paper rather than cut sheets, each print job comes out as a continuous sheet.

On our standard text tests, printstuk PrintStik printed reasonably readable text at 8 points in every font and managed to maintain readability at smaller sizes for some fonts as well. The cut sheets bring the cost per page for letter size down planon printstik about 10 cents, in exchange for the slight inconvenience of having to feed the pages by hand.

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Prlntstik Printstik’s biggest drawback is its print quality, which is well below that of a typical mono inkjet or laser. It uses thermal paper thus eliminating the planon printstik for messy and expensive ink, toner, or ribbons. Wireless Power Is Coming. Also included are a small 3. For even more options, connection the PrintStik to our DocuPen portable scanner. planon printstik

Although limited planon printstik many ways by its thermal printer technology, the Planon PrintStik PS succeeds as a planon printstik, highly portable option for printing on prinhstik go. Planon says it will add a Windows Mobile driver by September and make it available on its Web site. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.