This is a seriously useful bit of kit. The time now is Try checking the resample The H2 is great If his new driver has low latency this could be very useful. More than good enough for holidayfun. The time now is Ok, so I’m messing with the Zoom H2, just doing some basic quick demo recording with my laptop sure makes things convenient, as my Focusrite 2i2 is stored away at the moment

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No problem… as long as you’re using an H2n. Send zoom h2 asio private message to ChuckS. You will be assimilated. You can even use the H2n as a multi-purpose USB microphone!

Sound quality – well, it’s the same as if it’s writing to its SD card I y2, or playing back.

New Asio driver for Zoom H2 – now works fine in Reaper – Cockos Incorporated Forums

And zoom h2 asio only previous way of getting audio at any kind of sensible quality into the laptop was via a firewire mixer, again, not the work of a moment to set up. What am I doing wrong?

The conductor lifted his baton just as zoom h2 asio were checking a cable. Maybe there are some settings or something. Did some test recordings and it worked fine. As soon as an incoming signal exceeds the Start Level you’ve set, recording begins. Answers is a new product and we’d like to hear your wishes, problems or ideas.

Still, when I select Asio4all as Playbackengine, the Azio is not shown. So what is different between your setup piglet and mine and boimb? Switch to Hybrid Mode. That’s great news, Drillbit. Hi, I zoom h2 asio completely understood what he did to fix it, but I tried it and it didn’t work. I tried another port but not another cable – I will give that a go.

It is only seen as some ‘other device’ with the yellow question mark. The answer from scottiedo asip incorrect. Obviously, something is not working zom “Eing” means “Input”; “Ausg” means “Output”. The H2n records directly to Zoom h2 asio cards. I think, that You’ll be able to get professional results with the latest Zooms, like Joey said zoom h2 asio.

Using the H2n With its multiple microphones and recording modes, the H2n can handle just about every kind of application. Usb interfaces however, are dandy.


All works fine now. Find all posts by peterle. I think it clashes with the H2 if not. Next Display posts from previous: Users browsing this forum: Send a private message zoom h2 asio EneMeneGratschik.

The only way a Zoom can interface with a computer is to mount the flash drive in order to transfer files. Compression and limiting can be used to control fluctuations in zoom h2 asio, acting like an automatic volume control.

I can listen to my Reasonsongs via H2, but I can’t record, because Reason doesn’t recognize inputs. Latency is low but there are glitches after a while.